Bridal Tea

It’s officially a month away from the big day! I have been super busy with school, work, and wedding planning that I have not been able to share my wedding planning tactics and stories. Hayden and I were blessed with 3 wonderful bridal showers. I wasn’t able to take pictures at the first two because I forgot my camera { 😦 boo!} BUT, I finally remembered it on the last one! Today, I wanted to show some images from my super fun and cute Bridal Tea Party! {YES, THIS WAS A REAL THING!}

Hayden’s aunts, Jen and Wendy, did a wonderful job of planning and preparing for the shower. They surprised me in January and told me they were going to plan a shower for me and it could be whatever I wanted {amazing, I know!}. Of course, I love the South, and Southern traditions and BOOM! Bridal Tea Party was formed. They asked me to pin ideas onto a Pinterest board to give them some inspiration, and they ran with it! I was/am SOOO happy with how it turned out. It was amazing and so much fun!

Side Note: The wedding dresses displayed are the mother of bride, mother of the groom, grandmother of the bride, grandmother of the groom, and great grandmother of the groom. This was one of my favorite parts {and the food too.. the food was AMAZING *insert heart eye emoji*}.

Haley Nicole