What to wear? Groom’s Edition

So it’s time to check one more thing off your very long wedding to-do list, picking out your groom’s attire!! There is a lot to think about when picking the mens attire. You have to analyze what style, color, or cut will compliment the groom, groomsmen, and wedding.

First, I want to say “do what ever you want!” If you have an idea in your mind, go for it! It is your {and your groom’s} wedding day.

Which brings me to number two, ask your groom what his opinion is on his outfit. If he gives you permission to do whatever, then you’re good to plan on your own. However, if he does take an interest in his outfit, listen to what he’s wanting. Most of the time, the groom doesn’t have much say in wedding planning, so this is a great time to really listen to him!

Now, it is time to pick the right outfit for your man!

Current Trends in Groomswear


Gray Tux WeddingGray Tux Wedding

Gray is a very popular trend right now, and I can see why! It can look classy or rustic, and it is versatile for any season. If you’re not a fan of the typical black tux, this can be a great alternative.


navy suit wedding navy suit tux wedding

Oh my goodness {!!!}. Navy suits and tuxes are currently my favorite trend. These look very stylish and classy. You can choose to pair them with a matching navy vest or suspenders!


Black Tux Wedding

The always timeless black tux is quite wonderful. If you are looking for the classiest look, a black tux is for you! A stylish black bow-tie really pulls off the look too!



If you’re having any sort of tropical destination wedding, this is for you! This suit is perfect for beach side nuptials. Plus, the light and airy shirt is great in warm weather {You don’t want to worry about your groom passing out from too much heat!}.

Pattern Play

pattern wedding tux suitsouthern wedding

If your groom has a fun and spunky personality this is the option for him! Find a suit that goes with your theme/colors and that shows off his creative personality. Guests will love to see this personal touch in your wedding.

Slim Fit

wedding tux slim fit

If your suit or tux has a slim fit option you should consider it! The slim fit  takes away the typical “boxy” look that comes with a normal suit or tux.


I hope this blog post has been some help to you in one way or another. Please let me know what trends are your top picks! 🙂

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